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Travertine Formation and Uses

Travertine is a perculiar type of limestone that is formed in areas where natural springs occur. As groundwater (usually minerally rich) seeps through the limestone in these areas it slowly eats away the calcite minerals contained in the limestone, leaving behind voids and empty pockets that gives travertine it's characteristic look. Often times the voids in finished surfaces of travertine slabs are filled with epoxies or colored cements to provide a smooth surface. Because travertine is a type of limestone it may contain fossils and weathers acidic chemicals and foods fairly poorly. Just like limestone, travertine is a good material for horizontal and vertical surfaces in lower traffic areas such as bathrooms, powder rooms and the like.

Travertine Sample Images

All sample images listed in this site are for reference purposes only as natural materials can vary in coloration, veining, and pattern type. Please note that individual monitor settings may also affect the coloration & contrast of sample images.

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