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Sandstone Formation and Uses

One of the most common and widely quarried stone materials, Sandstone is a rock comprised of sand with binding minerals which "glue" the sand together. It is a sedimentary material formed anywhere that sand has accumulated. The hardness of sandstone is dependant upon the specific type of mineral binders that hold the individual grains together. Sandstone is one of the most pourus rock types available in slab form. It is used most frequently as stair treads, hearths, walkway pavers, and for outdoor vertical block-work where a rougher, more grippable surface is desired, although some harder sandstones can be honed and even polished for use as countertop materials.

Sandstone Sample Images

All sample images listed in this site are for reference purposes only as natural materials can vary in coloration, veining, and pattern type. Please note that individual monitor settings may also affect the coloration & contrast of sample images.

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