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Alexander’s Stone Art provides free estimates, but there are some selections to be made in order for us to provide an accurate bid to you as expediently as possible. Below we will discuss all of specific information we will need to have, as well as some practical advice about making the best choices you can depending on aesthetic considerations as well as; budgeting, usage, and other specifics to your job.


The first step is to select the specific materials that you like. This part can seem daunting at first because there are so many materials available. Don't worry! You can make sure to get the perfect material types for your project based the answers to a few simple questions:

  • Where in your home will your stone be? Kitchen areas see a lot more wear and tear than vanity tops and fireplace facings. Therefore we generally encourage our clients to select materials that are more resistant to scratching, bruising and staining if you are looking for kitchen surfaces. Otherwise, most materials will work well for your project. you can see more information about the most common types of stone [here].

  • Do you want the stone surfaces to look like new ten years from now? Softer materials will scratch ding and bruise no matter how careful you are, yet this can lend an old-world charm to your home.

  • Are there certain colors to coordinate with? If so, it is a good idea to bring tile, cabinet, paint, and any other samples with you when you are making stone selections.

  • How big is the room or area you want the stone in? Large amounts of darker materials can visibly "shrink" smaller areas where as lighter materials will "open-up" the feeling of the room. Further, materials with more veining, coloration changes and movement can make smaller areas feel too busy.

  • How limited is your budget? Budget considerations can significantly reduce the selection of stone available to you, but there are still a good selection of several colors of materials that can work for those of us with a smaller budget.

We provide our clients with a list of wholesalers we work with (also available here) so you can view specific slabs and hand-select the materials you desire.

Alexander's Stone Art can also provide an estimate to you with a 'generic' slab selection if you have not yet chosen any specific materials. We always try to chose materials that compliment the current colors in the room so the general color of your space is important, therefore, estimates using a selection by ASA will require approval or a change to a more suitable selection before we can begin work. Please note that changes from estimated material may alter cost!

hand-drawn kitchen plan with dimensions


Next we will need to have an accurately dimensioned drawing of the areas you want the stone. Alexander's Stone Art can accept cabinet plans from scaled architectural drawings to hastily drawn rectangles with dimensions written in. We do not accept dimensional information for kitchen estimates over the phone as we want to ensure that our estimate is accurate to what is needed. Please make sure that the drawings specify whether the dimensions are of the finished sizes of the pieces or cabinet dimensions without any overhangs included.

It is also a necessary to point out where edgework, backsplashes, and cutouts will be on your drawing (discussed further in the following steps). Please send project plans to us via fax at: 425-483-2212 or via email at asakenmore@hotmail.com.


Laminated 2cm edges appear thicker than 3cm

Like materials, there are several different types of edgework you can choose from. In fact, because we can apply edgework by hand, we can do any edgework you desire! Edgework is needed anywhere that the material edge will be exposed, as raw untreated edges have cutting marks, jagged corners, and can, in some cases, be sharp enough to cut through clothing. You can find out more about our edge details [here]

There are a few things to consider when selecting the edge you want:

  • Rounded edges can deflect heavy or hard objects better than square edges and therefore will stand up to a little more abuse. More importantly, rounded edges are less dangerous to children.

  • Thicker materials do not generally need to be laminated to make the edge look robust.

  • Using a laminated edge will add to the square footage of material needed to complete your project.

  • Laminated edges hang down from the counter surface and can hide subtops because of this

  • Stepped Edges tend to collect dust and debris in the inside corner, and can take a little more time to clean.

  • Fancier edges require more time to grind and polish and will cost more per lineal foot than simpler edges.

We have a large selection of common edge detail samples on our [edge detail] page to choose from, or you can draw out the profile of the edge detail if you cannot find it in our edge detail samples.


We will also need to know about the cutouts you will need for your project. For countertop bidding purposes we will not need to know the exact dimensions of the cutouts you need, or even the exact placement of them. There are three main types of sink cutouts; Under-mounted, Self-rimming (aka Drop-in), and Vessel-mounted. Alexander's Stone Art does not provide sinks or fixtures ourselves but we will gladly cut the stone to fit any sink you have.

  • Under-mounted sinks are by far the best way of mounting a sink as it is easy to sweep counter debris into it and has a simple, elegant look. All sinks that are undermounted need to have finish edgework applied to the cutout because the cutout edge will be exposed above the rim of the sink. Unless otherwise specified, Alexander's Stone Art eases the top edge and applies a flat polish to the inside edge (Ease and Polish). Please note that most self-rimming sinks cannot be undermounted.

  • Self-rimming sinks need no edgework because the rim of the sink sits above the countertop. Although this type of sink is less expensive to do because it needs no edgework, it has the annoying tendancy to collect debris at the rim as it is swept into the sink.

  • Vessel-mounted sinks sit entirely above the countertop and need only a hole in the countertop for the sink drain.

All sink cutouts provided by Alexander's Stone Art come standard with up to three core-holes for fixtures.

Other types of cutouts you may need are: Outlet cutouts in full-height backsplashes, firebox cutouts for one-piece fireplace facings, cord cotouts for computer wiring in desktops, as well as fixture and drain holes in showers.


We will also need to know if you want us to fabricate backsplashes for your countertops. Backsplash usually stand at four inches tall and is commonly made from the same material as the countertops. Alexander's Stone Art vein-matches backsplashes to the countertops wherever possible so coloration and veining continue from the counter up the splash.

If you would like to request full-height backsplashes we will need drawings that show the distances between the countertop to the bottom of all upper cabinets they will meet, and we will also need to know how many outlet cutouts you will need in the full-height splash.

Please note that we bid all exposed backsplash edges with an Ease and Polish edge detail unless otherwise requested.


Even though this may seem surprising, we have recieved an astonishing number of estimate requests over the years that have had no information about how to contact them, and some have even forgotten to give their name! Please make sure that you get your estimate as timely as possible by providing the following contact information:

  • Your first and last name

  • A daytime phone number to reach you if we have any questions

  • The job site address

  • A fax number or an e-mail address to send an estimate to

If you have a phone line that is also your fax line, please let us know so we can call you before we send the bid. In some cases we may need to send information via email only, usually this is the case when we are including design concepts and other pictures that may not fax well.

If you have any questions about the estimation process please give us a call at 425-483-0932, send us an email at:asakenmore@hotmail.com, ask a question at our Contact Page, or send us your question directly from the site by clicking [here].

Click Here to go to our Estimate Request Page, or fax your project plans to us at 425-483-2212

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