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From Gutrock to Block to Stock ...how stone gets from there to here

Slabs are quarried straight from the gut rock of mountains in several countries around the world, Unworked blocks are cut into various sizes and shapes for several different purposes. Generally countertop slabs are either 2cm (roughly 3/4") or 3cm (around 1 1/4") thick, although slab material can be thinner than this for specialty applications.

Stone quarries use several methods to remove stone blocks from the ground. Usually first drilling core holes in the rock and using lengths of detonator cord to break the block loose from the surrounding material. In most cases the rough blocks are shipped to Italy where it is cut into slab and polished. After the cutting and polishing process is finished, the slabs are sold to wholesalers and shipped worldwide. The wholesalers are stone and tile importers and do not sell directly to the public, though they will gladly allow potential customers to view their selection, and hold any stone you choose for the fabricator/installer you have selected.

Alexander's Stone Art acquires slabs from the wholesalers in the Seattle area and custom fabricates these materials to each specific order. For more information about the countertop fabrication process [click here]. We are dedicated to the fabrication and installation of slab, tile, and masonry projects. We do not import slab materials ourselves though we do have partial slab remnant materials in stock for smaller projects. Please make sure to take note of the exact names and wholesaler of all materials you wish to have bid.

Natural Stone Pictures on this Site

Please note that the stone pictures listed on this site are not meant to be a comprehensive list of available materials, as materials that our suppliers carry change daily. Materials can sometimes have several names and our suppliers may not use the same names as listed in this site. Materials listed on this site also may not be available through our suppliers in the size or quantity desired at the time of purchase. For more information about material availability please contact our suppliers listed on our [affiliates] page.

All of the pictures listed on this site are for reference purposes and are meant to show general coloration and vein type only. Natural stone can vary from the listed pictures as well as from slab to slab. Individual monitor settings may also impact the colors of the pictures listed on this site.

Alexander's Stone Art strongly encourages our potential customers to take the time to view and select specific slabs for the coloration and vein type desired.

Stone Price Advise

Stone materials can range in price fairly drastically. Much like any other natural commodity such as gold, silver, gemstones, etc... the prices for stone materials are based upon the availability on the market. There are other factors that can play into the price of a specific stone, such as the difficulty and/or danger to quarry the stone (some materials are quarried from fairly hazardous areas and a few are even mined from active river beds) and the total costs of shipping. Pricing is not due to the material type each particular stone is, but more upon the factors above.

Wholesale Scales

The wholesalers we work with do not provide pricing information to customers, business owners, or general contarctors. Instead, each wholesaler uses a proprietary pricing scale to provide general low to high cost information. If you are interested in costing out higher priced materials as well as lower cost materials, select different materials througout the wholesaler's price scale that you like and let us know what they are. We will provide optional material pricing for your job so you can get a stone you like that falls within your budget.

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