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Starting your project?

Alexander's Stone Art provides free estimates, but there are some selections to be made in order for us to provide an accurate bid to you. The first step is to select the specific materials you desire. This part can seem daunting at first because there are so many materials available. Don't worry! We can help you... [read more]

Counter Crafting Process

Follow our visual guide showing how we create our templates, fabricate slab, and install for a typical kitchen countertop project. We will explain each step of our countertop making process and show what you will need to have ready for us so we can complete your job in as smooth and timely a fashion as possible. [view guide]

Remnant Sale!

Until we have enough room to move around here we are providing most partial slab remnant materials from our stock from 20% to 70% off of the usual square footage cost! This is the perfect time to get that vanity, desktop, or other smaller project at a significant reduction to cost. We can only provide these discounts when we are also providing fabrication for your project. Come in and take a look at our massive selection!

Granite is a great material choice for kitchen countertop surfaces. There are several natural traits that exist in granite that are far superior to any other surface on the market. These traits include:

Aesthetics - Man has striven for hundreds of years to realize beauty and achieve that beauty through artifice. Unfortunately, man's creative efforts are simply no match for the beautiful formations of natural stone.

Durability - Nothing resists wear like Granite. Due to the natural hardness of this type of stone cutting can be done directly on it's surface without causing any marring or scratches.

Heat Resistance - Granite is formed through incredible heat and pressure so even hot pans can be set directly on granite with no adverse effects such as discoloration, bubbling, peeling, and cracking. This combined with it's natural durability make granite work surfaces much more flexible than any other counter surface material.

Longevity - Because granite is such a hardy material and will stand up to tough abuse for years means that under normal wear Granite will never need replacement.

Maintenance - During installation, we thoroughly seal your stone with an environmentally safe sealant which strengthens granite’s natural bacteria resistant nature. Although you will need to reseal granite occasionally, it is simple and takes very little time to keep your granite looking new.

Safety - Although radon reports are circulating on the internet, and have even received some media attention. These reports are wildly inaccurate and have been almost exclusively sponsored by companies that produce man-made stone. If a granite does produce any radon gas, the emission rate is almost always far below the background radiation we absorb on any given day. [read more about radon]

Natural & Green - Man made materials are created with crushed stone, glass, and other materials bonded together with chemical epoxies, colorants, and sealants that give off toxic fumes and air pollution while curing, and can also cause ground water pollution during the manufacturing process. Stone also cannot burn like man made materials that give off deadly fumes during the unfortunate event of a house fire, and in fact granite countertops are often reclaimed and re-used during the reconstruction of a fire damaged home.

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